Enriquez Lopez 

 Enriquez lively energy comes from an astonishing symbiosis of rhythms such as Rumba Flamenca , Cuban and Arabic rhythms. The great and powerful rhythms  and melodies of his guitar are considered one of the keys of his music  success … NEW FLAMENCO.Enriquez performances are acclaimed in festivals across Canada , the USA, Europe and Asia .
Enriquez released his new album DANCING IN HAVANA , with 2 new video clips produced in La Habana-Cuba, featured : Dancer and percussionist Arays Dilla Rodriguez from Havana Queens/Ballet Litz Alfonso and Ballet de la Television Cubana , La Habana.Enriquez recorded several albums in Canada and Cuba : URU,PUENTE DEL DIABLO, ESPIRITU DE LOS ANDES, CONDOR PASA, GYPSY, FLAMENCO SUR, DANCING IN HAVANA .
I  , Enriquez provide live music entertainment  for  all kind of events, local and international. For more information contact to the link bellow :